Virginia Mouth Wash for smokers



Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTM


With so many dental care products on the market today, how do you know which product to use? From toothpastes to toothbrushes to mouthwashes, get the facts you need to make informed decisions about your oral health.


Rinse with  Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTM  in the morning, fresh breath all day. Rinse at night and wake up without bad breath . No morning breath.

How does  Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTMwork? Just rinse twice a day for all day fresh breath. Rinse in the morning and have fresh breath all day, rinse at night and wake up without dreaded morning breath.

Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTM is the only mouthwash that uses a patented zinc-ion technology to not only freshen your breath at the time of use, but to keep bad breath from coming back for 12 hours. The unique two-bottle, two-pump formula means that you activate Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTMeach time you use it, giving you maximum strength and freshness every time you swish.


  • ·          Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTMWill not stain teeth, dentures  or crowns
  • ·          Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTMDentist recommended
  • ·          Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTM100% alcohol-free — no burning
  • ·          Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTMSafe for ages 6 and older
  • ·          Virginia Mouth Wash for smokersTMSafe for diabetics


How to use:

Rinse two times a day


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