Virginia Liposome day cream 50gm



Virginia Liposome dayTM cream


Liposomes are hollow microscopic cells made from pure sou lecithin.This extremely light textured formula contains natural liposomal and botanical complexes capable of delivering nourishment and enhanced moisturization to live skin cells.

Virginia Liposome dayTM cream Beneficial for sensitive couperose skin with fragile capillaries.
Virginia Liposome dayTM cream Provides daily protection against premature aging and fine lines.
Virginia Liposome dayTM cream Promotes youthful radiance.
Virginia Liposome dayTM cream Nourishes with gentle extracts and essential oils as it protects and hydrates the skin.
Virginia Liposome dayTM cream Leaves skin soft and supple.

How to use:

Topical use only.


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