Virginia Herbal Mask 50gm



Virginia Herbal Mask


Dramatically effective for ALL SKIN TYPES.  Formulated with herbal complexes and


Virginia Herbal Mask: creates a cooling, soothing, refreshing, stimulating treatment.  In lotion form, this spectacular masque has been designed specifically to remove the redness while it tones and softens the skin.

Virginia Herbal Mask: Contains NO ALCOHOL, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR or FRAGRANCE. Should be used as the final step of any facial treatment.  Skin will feel extremely cool to the touch.  (For most dramatic cooling effect, store masque in refrigerator until ready to use.)

How to use:

After facial is complete, apply moderate amount to clean skin.  Massage gently in a circular, outward motion.  Leave on skin for approximately 7-10 minutes.  Remove with sponge or washcloth dampened with cool water.  All redness will disappear; face will feel very cool and smooth.



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