Virginia GLYCO-system EYE GEL



Virginia GLYCO-system EYE GEL


A special cream-gel formula designed specifically for the delicate tissues around the eye.  This area shows “age lines” before almost any other part of one’s skin.  Proper use of this light, efficacious product begins to eliminate the signs of aging within 7-10 days.


Virginia GLYCO-system EYE GEL: eliminates the signs of aging

Virginia GLYCO-system EYE GEL: used on the delicate tissues of the neck.

How to use:

Apply very sparingly to area of eyes (lids, below lids, etc.) Make certain to be careful not to get any product into eyes.  Pat very gently to absorb.  (Very little product is necessary to afford one total coverage of eye zone)  Make-up may be applied when absorbed.  Keep away from eyes.



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