Virginia Baby Shampoo



Virginia Baby Shampoo


Bath time is one of the best times thanks to this simple, tear-free Shampoo and Wash. Our natural, plant-based cleansing complex gently cleans your baby’s hair AND body leaving your little love clean and baby smooth from head to tiny toe. Now baby’s bath is just as relaxing as yours. With Virginia baby TM shampoo.


Virginia babyTM shampoo: gently and effectively cleans hair, face and body using natural and organic cleansing ingredients. These natural vegetable cleansers are non-stripping, sulfate-free, synthetic fragrance free, naturally low foaming and readily biodegradable.

Virginia babyTM shampoo: ’s gentle natural Shampoo & Bodywashes are ultra-concentrated, long-lasting, allergy-tested, tear free, non-drying and leave skin soft and supple and hair shiny and manageable.

Virginia babyTM shampoo: Formulated for sensitive skin and perfect for the whole family.

Virginia baby TMshampoo:  blends for happy and healthy cleansing. Made in our very own FDA registered and Certified Organic facility

Gentle, pure organic Virginia baby TMshampoo: smells amazing, naturally, with organic Vanilla and Sweet Orange essential
Virginia baby TMshampoo: contain no artificial fragrances, foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives, parabens, or dyes. No antibacterial pesticides either. Just safe, detergent-free all-natural and organic castile shampoo-soap for foamy fun baby bath time, hand washing and head-to-toe family clean.
Virginia baby TMshampoo: Gluten-free.
Virginia baby TMshampoo: No petrochemicals, petroleum or petroleum byproducts
Virginia baby TMshampoo:No “fragrance” or parfum, 1,4-Dioxane, formaldehyde, or phthalates
Virginia baby TMshampoo:No sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), cocomidopropyl betaine or other synthetic foaming agents or surfactants
Virginia baby TMshampoo:No artificial preservatives, parabens, phenoxyethanol, Quaternium-15 etc.
Virginia baby TMshampoo: No artificial emulsifiers
Virginia baby TMshampoo:No antibacterial pesticide

How to use?

Topical use only.


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