Virginia baby oil




Virginia baby oil


What’s more calming to a baby than a massage from mama? Make mama’s magic touch even softer with natural, Virginia babyTM Oil a gently absorbable grape seed oil blend that has no nut oils and zero toxins.

Hospital recommended  Virginia baby TMOil is infused with calming organic Chamomileand moisturizing organic Calendula, and has virtually no scent. Perfect for sensitive little noses, ideal for massage or dry skin! No artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrances, just pure natural baby oil for your pure natural baby.


Virginia baby TMOil :No artificial preservatives

Virginia baby oil: No artificial fragrances or dyes

Virginia baby oil: Cruelty-free

Virginia baby TM   : can be used to make homemade baby wipes too!

How to use?

Topical use only.


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