contains the highest quality and content and are far superior to any other Resveratrol formula we know of. This offers a tremendous value to our customers who are looking for the anti-aging and health benefits of Resveratrol at a very affordable price.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a molecule found in the skin and seeds of red grapes. It comes from a variety of plants but is found mainly in grapes. For some time, scientists have known that groups of genes called sirtuins are involved in the aging process. These genes, when stimulated by the red wine chemical Resveratrol, or caloric restriction, appear to have a positive effect on both aging and health.


Reservoir is a powerful blend of Resveratrol, Grape Skin, Red Wine, Quercetin and Acetyl-L Carnitine.

How to use?

Once a day.



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