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Nicotin Free


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Nicotin Free: Step 1 patch encourages smokers to quit the habit. Each pack has 14 patches that can be stuck on the skin. This transdermal patch releases nicotine into the body through the skin, reducing the urge to smoke. The step 1 nicotine transdermal system patch is intended for those who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day. A single patch has 21 mg of nicotine, which is released into the body in 24 hours. It’s sufficient enough to effectively reduce the craving for smoking. This pack also has a user guide with behavior support and enrollment  form to help smokers completely cease the habit. The quit-smoking patch is suggested for ages 18 years and above.


   Nicotin Free:Anti-Craving Lozenges

 Nicotin Free:Reduces Tobacco Cravings

 Nicotin Free:Calms Nervous Tension

 Nicotin Free:Detoxifying Tablets

Nicotin Free:Relieves Irritability

Nicotin Free:Helps Detoxify`

Nicotin Free:Stop-it Smoking 2-Part Quit Smoking Kit

Nicotin Free:Reduces nervousness, anxiety, irritability and stress related to nicotine withdrawal

Nicotin Free:Minimizes symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

Nicotin Free:Won’t cause symptoms of nicotine overdose

Stop-it Smoking Anti-Craving Lozenge

Use: Reduces the craving for cigarettes and tobacco. Helps to temporarily relieve the nervous tension and irritability due to cessation of tobacco use.

Stop-it Smoking Detoxifying Tablets

Use: Reduces nicotine withdrawal  symptoms and nervous tension associated with cessation of tobacco use. Helps to detoxify from tobacco use.

How to use?

two times a day.




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