Liposome night cream



Liposome night creamTM


Liposomes are hollow microscopic cells made from pure sou lecithin.This extremely light textured formula contains natural liposomal and botanical complexes capable of delivering nourishment and enhanced moisturization to live skin cells.


VITAL LIPOSOME NIGHT CREAM: Formulated for ALL SKIN TYPES.  This non -greasy, light, naturally derived night cream formula provides dramatic results in an extremely short time frame!

VITAL LIPOSOME NIGHT CREAM  aids in cellular repair, accelerates cellular turnover and reinforces the natural moisture barrier function of the skin,

VITAL LIPOSOME NIGHT CREAM reducing trans -epidermal water loss, thus providing an ideal deep moisturizing and nourishing effect. Skin will feel supple and soft upon arising in the morning. Benefits are obvious after the first application.

How to use:

Massage moderate quantity to clean skin, using an upward and outward motion. Pat gently to absorb.  For best results, apply each evening before retiring.


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