Kre-Creatine capsules




Kre-CreatineTM capsules


Many bodybuilders, and even some supplement companies, still don’t know what scientists have already known for decades: creatine is chemically unstable in liquids. Its molecules rapidly convert to creatinine – a useless “bio-waste” – once activated with fluids or in your stomach acids. You’re left with fewer active creatine molecules and, even worse, potential side-effects that can all but wreck your training or performance!

Now what if creatine could be completely stabilized? It would mean no need to load or cycle. And you’d only need a small amount since the full dose could finally reach your muscle cells intact. Best of all, it would eliminate any chance for all those nasty side effects!

creatine’s speed of conversion or breakdown into creatinine (a mostly useless byproduct) is directly related to its pH – the lower the pH, the faster it converts. Furthermore, the conversion rates slow dramatically as the pH of the creatine is raised above 7 and stops completely above pH 12.

Here’s why: A pH level above 12 represents the perfect ratio of Hydrogen ions to Hydroxyl ions to stop the chemical reaction of: Creatine + H20 = Creatinine.


The unique “buffering” agents in Kre-CreatineTM capsules effectively mop up the excess Hydrogen ions and prevent them from lowering pH. In other words, it gives creatine the ability to resist changes in pH that it normally doesn’t have.

This protects the creatine molecules during transport – delivering them intact to the bloodstream so they can reach your muscle cells with 100% potency.

That’s the power of  Kre-CreatineTM capsules delivery technology!

How to use?

Twice a day


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